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Welcome to the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Translational Genome-Scale Biology!

Academy of Finland nominated the Translational Genome-Scale Biology (TGSB) consortium as one of its Centres of Excellence (CoE) for the six-year period 2006-2011.

Olli Kallioniemi
FIMM, VTT and University of Turku
Tomi Mäkelä
University of
Lauri Aaltonen
University of
Olli Kallioniemi   Tomi Mäkelä   Lauri Aaltonen
Jussi Taipale     Marko Kallio
Jussi Taipale
University of
  Päivi Ojala
University of

Marko Kallio
University of Turku/ VTT

The CoE in TGSB developes and applies high-throughput technologies to discover genes and signalling events that are responsible for cancer initiation, progression and for key cancer cell phenotypes. It translates the discoveries towards clinical and industrial applications. Finally, an important mission is the training of post-genome era young scientists.

This CoE is a multidisciplinary effort that integrates biosciences, medicine, technology and informatics. It consists of six independently recognised research groups from the Universities of Helsinki and Turku and from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Altogether more than 100 people are participating in this CoE.

The project is coordinated by the VTT Medical Biotechnology Centre (Academy Professor Olli Kallioniemi).

News & Events

20.05.2008 Jonathan Rehnberg Received the Annual Award in Biotechnology.
The Association of Finnish Chemical Societes awarded Jonathan Rehnberg’s Master’s thesis with the annual award in biotechnology in 2007. M.Sc. Rehnberg completed his Master’s thesis in the research group led by Dr. Marko Kallio at VTT Medical Biotechnology. Read more...

08.02.2008 Academy Professor Olli Kallioniemi appointed Director of FIMM. Academy Professor (MD, PhD) Olli Kallioniemi has been appointed as the Director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) for a five-year period starting December 1, 2007. Since 2002 Kallioniemi has been Research Director of the Medical Biotechnology Centre of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in Turku. The research within the Centre of Excellence in Turku will continue and will be linked with FIMM by a cooperation agreement between the parties. Read more...

01.01.2008 Lauri Aaltonen and Jussi Taipale appointed as Academy Professors. The Academy of Finland has appointed six new Academy Professors.  Two of the appointees are: Academy Professor Lauri Aaltonen, University of Helsinki (clinical medicine) and Professor Jussi Taipale, National Public Health Institute (cell and molecular biology). Lauri Aaltonen and Jussi Taipale are PrincipaI Investigators in the Center of Excellence in Translational Genome-Scale Biology. Jussi Taipale received his first 5 year term, while Lauri Aaltonen received a re-nomination for a second 5 year term. Read more...





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