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Jonathan Rehnberg Received the Annual Award in Biotechnology

Jonathan RehnbergThe Association of Finnish Chemical Societes awarded Jonathan Rehnberg’s Master’s thesis with the annual award in biotechnology in 2007. M.Sc. Rehnberg completed his Master’s thesis in the research group led by Dr. Marko Kallio at VTT Medical Biotechnology. The title of the work was ”Virtual and cell-based high-throughput screens for identification of allosteric Plk1 inhibitors and cellular phenotyping of lead compounds”. The aim of the work was to discover novel small-molecule inhibitors of polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) to be lead compounds for development of future anti-cancer drugs. The screening method used in Rehnberg’s thesis was a combination of virtual computer-aided screen and experimental cell-based microscopic screen.

The price committee stated that “the topic of the work was of current interest and the aim was very challenging. M.Sc. Rehnberg has successfully combined different research methods and developed a novel cell-based screening method. The literary part of the thesis, with its many clarifying pictures, gave an extraordinary background to the work and its aims. M.Sc. Rehnberg was able to discover one very promising and several other potential Plk1 inhibitors among tens of thousands of small-molecules”.

M.Sc. Rehnberg has studied at the department of Biochemistry and Pharmacy at Åbo Akademi University. He is continuing as a Ph.D.-student in the group of Dr. Kallio at VTT Medical Biotechnology.

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